5 Reasons You NEED a Sports Bra

01 09 2024

5 Reasons You NEED a Sports Bra

The very existence of breasts on our chest becomes more apparent (and sometimes problematic) when participating in physical activity.

5 Reasons You NEED a Proper-Fitting Sports Bra While Exercising:

1. Reduce Breast Pain!

Wearing a well-fitting, full support sports bra can help reduce the pain associated with high impact activity that many women experience. FIT is the key word here! You can wear the most expensive sports bra on the market, but if it doesn't fit or suit your unique shape, it will not do you any favors. Less Pain = More Gain (progress, that is)!

2. No More Bouncing!

I couldn't help but notice a woman who was out for a run last week, who was BOUNCING like I've never seen someone BOUNCE before! I felt terrible for her because a) I know how painful that can be, and b) that unflattering experience can be easily avoided! A proper fitting sports bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 75%!!! It's THAT easy. Get Fitted!

3. They are Breathable and Moisture Wicking!

Save your favorite bra that you grab almost every day and don't subject it to the hard work of a sports bra! Just Don't! Sports bras are made of technical fabric that is designed to breathe while you heat up, wick away moisture as you perspire, and withstand the impact of your hardest workouts. Your go-to, everyday bras are great, but save them for regular life. They will last longer if you take it easy on them, and invest in a sports bra that can take care of you while working out.

4. They are Convertible!

Most sports bras feature convertible straps that will help provide you with a maximum range of movement during your workouts. Take the time to try on various styles to suit your unique needs, and put it to the test in the fitting room. Run on the spot, jump, bend, squat, and move like you would during your workout. You'll gain peace of mind that your new sports bra can do what you need it to when you put it to the test!

5. Protect those Cooper's Ligaments!

By wearing a sports bra while exercising and reducing breast bounce you help maintain the supportive properties of your breast's Cooper's Ligaments - the connective tissue that helps hold it all together (fat, blood vessels, milk ducts). Do yourself a favor and invest in the well being of your breast health by getting fit for the sports bra that is best for you!